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The star of red wine, Zhang Yu 1997, from the legendary collection of red wine culture of Zhang Yu. Bar code 6901584030060 (no property disputes, the historical data collection complete, the project "wine collection network, a wholly owned patent all) used brand, kingdoms of wine culture and brand value appreciation; culture is boost the Asian brand of red wine Renaissance in the 21st century, domestic brands wine renaissance of the positive factors.

Zhangyu: Zhangyu Company Profile - Yantai Changyu Group Co., Ltd., its predecessor is established in 1892 by modern Chinese patriotic overseas Chinese Cheong FATT Tze Mr. Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, there has been a history of 114 years, is China's first industrial production of wine manufacturers and of China and Asia's largest wine production and operation of enterprises.

Company is located in Yantai and the French Bordeaux at the same latitude, annual average temperature 11.1 - 12.6 degrees, the annual average frost free period for 215 days, superior geographical environment for the growth of high quality wine grape provides exceptional conditions.

Zhang Yuxian for Sino foreign joint ventures after 100 years of development, Changyu has become one of China's and Asia's largest wine production and operation of enterprises. In 1997 and 2000 Zhangyu B shares and a shares has successfully issued and listed, in July 2002, Changyu by China Industrial Economic Association rated as "the most international competitiveness to enter the world famous brand of 16 national brand" one. In the authority of the Chinese Academy of Social Science in 2004 to monitor the competitiveness of enterprises, Zhangyu comprehensive competitiveness index ranks eighth place ranked Chinese Listed Companies in food and wine industry, into the top ten strong only a wine business.

Yantai Changyu Group - listed stocks - Changyu A Stock Code: 000869 stock abbreviation: Changyu A

Company name: Yantai Changyu Wine Limited by Share Ltd


Exchange: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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The world's most expensive wine Zhang Yu 1997 experts estimate 3 million (yuan)

The French people often say, met a good wine, a bottle of wine as an important meeting. The wine and the like, the key lies in the fate, do not mind the long wait, only to wait for a truly understand her. - all of which were the brewing of wine is a kind of art; superior quality, unique style of wine Zhangyu dubbed art title and deservedly proud used in the world. As a wine collection network and station in the town treasure is such a good wine: Wine star Zhangyu 1997 story bar code 6901584030060/ wine source to Zhangyu centuries inside the wine culture legend used; (Zhangyu A000869) - Yantai Changyu Wine Culture Museum in to see the authentic original print the best Zhangyu wine. Wine culture the shining path: 2002 Anhui market header version headlines once reports focus on projects in the second glory named to the 2009 celebration of the people's Republic of China after the founding of the people's Republic of China 60th anniversary project album, stamp of project, telephone card activity, show the founding 60 years outstanding enterprises made brilliant achievements and the development process, and recorded in the annals of history. 2009 Beijing palm creative show advertising media Co., Ltd. stage cooperation project won the 2011 "win in Suqian" creative Entrepreneurship Challenge Tournament preliminaries 82.8 achievement is outstanding, the 21st century competition is the culture, in the long river of history, everything will die, the endless Wei Youwen! Cultural creativity is a reconstruction of the value, is a kind of thought liberation, is the choice to the development of the new concept of the view of economic development and tolerance. Wine collection network decades adhere to the creative culture as the cornerstone of the development of the brand, adhere to the innovation of culture commodity value, with specific actions to deepen the promotion of cultural understanding of the depth of commercial value and bring new industry commodity market continued prosperity; let the brand resources have a greater social and economic benefits, hope that through the cultural creativity of the effective value of leverage guide enterprises to actively invest capital and market capital innovation, creating project, strengthen cultural innovation to create projects in promoting the high position of commodity market value chain, cultural innovation is the power of the supreme source of commodity value, the high-end brand market value to achieve sustained real and lasting.